Virtual Staging

We focus on saving you time and money while you do what you do best.

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Virtual Staging Service Advantages

Time Savings

Virtual Staging saves our customers time. Instead of spending hours in scheduling and coordinating with a staging company Omni can assist you by simply adding the service when Booking your photo shoot or if you have existing photos we can work from them to bring your property to life.

Money Savings

Virtual Staging saves our customers Money. Instead of spending thousands  with a staging company Omni can assist you by adding furniture and decorations from real photographs or digitally rendered, for a fraction of the cost. Prices start at $75 per image or $70 for 5 or more. Its no secret why many agents are choosing this service over a staging company. Cost effectiveness, fast turn around process and quality imaging  means better profits and more time for you to spend on the things that matter most to you.

Sell Faster

It is proven that your clients are more likely to fall in love with a listing that has a warm look and feel to it vs a cold and empty looking home. As technology advances so do your marketing and advertising strategies. Take advantage of this convenient service, boost your listings and chances for higher prices and faster turnaround. 

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